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Full Face Mask

Hans Rudolph® Oro-Nasal V2™ Ex
Price: $160.00

The V2™ Full Face CPAP/BiLevel Mask from Hans Rudolph is medical engineering at its best. The unique design of the mask features a soft silicone face piece that allows unparalleled comfort while still maintaining a leak-free seal. Without having a forehead support, the material and seal of this mask work together to minimize pressure points on the face.

Two structural braces have also been added to the V2™. These work to give the mask more support at higher pressures and also serve as an attachment points for the Tri-Glide Headgear clips. Even the Swivel Port has been improved. Anti-Asphyxia Valve, Micro-Hole CO2 ventilation, free movement and a detachable swivel port make this mask functional, safe and quiet.

The new Tri-Glide Headgear is tremendously beneficial to the V2™ package. With five points of adjustment there is no tension level you can’t reach or relieve. The Tri-Glide adjustment point on the crown of the head allows the user to betterustments serve as tightening and loosening straps.


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