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Resmart Auto Cpap Rental Only
Price: $$125/month

Product Features Include:

  • Auto adjustment of therapy pressure within set pressure range
  • Personalized sensitivity setting
  • RESlex™ exhalation relief with three comfort settings
  • Remote compliance data access by phone with iCode™
  • Direct connect to PC via RS232
  • Automatic leakage and altitude compensation
  • Inspiration trigger for automatic start-up
  • Embedded memory records sleep compliance data
  • Quiet operation

Auto adjustment of therapy pressure allows for each night to be treated individual based on your Sleep Apnea needs for each night. The CPAP Machine will automatically adjust to pressure needed that night and that night only!

Personalized sensitivity settings are only available with the RESmart® Auto CPAP Machine. The speed of automatic pressure adjustment can be varied from a softer or more gradual adjustment (1) to a harder and faster (5) pressure adjustment


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