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This is a job preparation course with no prerequisites to prepare you to work in a hospital as a monitor technician. The course is all inclusive with study materials, online examination, and certification accepted in all 50 states and across Canada.

What is a Monitor Technician?

It can be confusing what a "Monitor Technician" is because hospitals will also use the job titles Telemetry Technician, Cardiac Monitor Technician, 12-Lead EKG Tech and more.

We provide the skills to need to work in any of these roles and break the learning into two separate courses, titled Arrhythmia Interpretation and 12-Lead ECG.

Arrhythmia Interpretation

  • Anatomy and physiology of the heart
  • What is the ECG?
  • Rhythms / sinus node
  • Rhythms / atria
  • Junctional arrhythmias / heart blocks
  • Rhythms / ventricles
  • 12-Lead ECG

    • Introduction to ECG
    • Configuring the Axis
    • Lead placement
    • Ischemia
    • Heart injuries
    • Infarctions
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