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Oxygen Delivery Devices
There are several common means of oxygen delivery. A nasal cannula is a two-pronged device inserted in the nostrils that is connected to tubing carrying the oxygen. The tubing can rest on the ears or be attached to the frame of eyeglasses. People who need a high flow oxygen generally use a mask. Some people who use a nasal cannula during the day prefer a mask at night or when their noses are irritated or clogged by a cold.

The Equipment
There are three common ways of providing oxygen therapy. Oxygen can be delivered to your home in the form of a gas in various-sized cylinders/tanks or as a liquid in a vessel. We do not carry liquid oxygen. The third way to provide oxygen therapy is by using an oxygen concentrator. Each method is examined in more detail below.

Compressed Gas Oxygen is stored under pressure in a cylinder (oxygen tank) equipped with a regulator that controls the flow rate. Standard regulators provide continuous oxygen. Because the flow of oxygen out of the cylinder is constant, an oxygen-conserving device may be attached to the system to avoid waste. This device releases the gas only when you inhale and cuts it off when you exhale. Oxygen also can be provided in a small tank that can be carried with you, but the large tanks are heavy and best for stationary use. Click www.ntxo2.com for more information.

Medical USP Grade Oxygen, Size E Aluminum Cylinder, CGA-870

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